Thursday, 28 July 2016

At the Drop of a Hat: Using Metaphors in Scrapbooking

As I'm editing my holiday photos and working out how to tell my stories from far away, I'm going to share a page about home today.

Sian Fair scrapbooking for Get It Scrapped

It's the layout which changed its mind halfway through. Get It Scrapped had asked me to begin a page with a metaphor, for this article Use a Known Phrase as Metaphor so I tossed around a few ideas and came up with the hat plan. 

We were discouraged from using well rehearsed metaphors in our writing at school, in English class, but especially in our History essays, so I was intrigued to discover how my journaling might be shaped by the trick of starting out with a well known phrase.

Ah, now what happened was that I started out at one place and ended up somewhere else. I had intended to use "drop of a hat" as a trigger for a list of activities I enjoy - at the drop of a hat I'll log into my Amazon account, turn my music up loud, head for a museum - but a dinnertime conversation and a couple of special pocket page cards (from a Cocoa Daisy kit which I bought as a one off treat and keep coming back to) and my idea took a turn. The resulting layout has turned into a favourite.

So how about it? Could a phrase you have repeated many times in the past turn into an idea for a new scrapbook page for you? More suggestions at Get It Scrapped.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Memorandum Monday

Oh, Monday! I knew you would arrive just as you always do, even after our week of escape and adventure. We were in Scotland, in the Highlands, as far as the Isle of Skye, which was once only a place in a song I sang as a lullaby, and is now somewhere to hold in my head as I fall asleep myself. We have plenty of pictures, we have plans to go back; and that's a mighty fine result for a break planned only a few days before we left.

I didn't take my laptop; but I had my phone and so I was able to jump onto instagram in the evenings, back at the hotel. If you spied my pictures you'll already know that one of my highlights of the week was my discovery that I might be a bit of a trainspotter at heart. 

We were driving through swirling Scottish mists one day, past wild countryside and sparkling water, when we suddenly heard alongside us a sound we recognised as a steam train. I've never been close to one moving before. We had caught up with what looked like the real Hogwarts Express - actually the Jacobite train travelling what is known as "the greatest train journey in the world" - heading towards the viaduct it crosses on screen. It steamed along beside the road, we drove beside and it was a strangely moving experience. Once it pulled ahead, then we caught it, it slipped behind the trees, we found it again.

I took photos with my phone - the instagram ones, fast and fun - but soon I realised we were travelling with her and that I had time to get out my camera: these are my pictures. I couldn't resist keeping the car wing mirror in shot, so there I am: trainspotting...

...until the moment when the mist finally came right down and the moor rose up and she disappeared as her smoke hung on in the air..

She was beautiful.

So that's my memo for today. Turns out I like trains. How about you? Anything new? I have a deliciously full to bursting Feedly to fill me in, and I'll catch up as fast as I can. But for now, maybe you'd like to make a memo too? I have  links to share from the week before last:

 Ruth, Helena, Eileen, Mitra, Mary-Lou, Maggie, Alexa and Krafty Karen

and I'll pick up the rest as I travel through the week. Not on a train. But I can always dream. Anyone else fancy a trip? Have a good week!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Fly and Have Fun

Fly and have fun when the exams are all done?

Sian Fair: July at Gossamer BLue

Well, a couple of weeks ago now we finally found the light at the end of the tunnel; and although we are saving the flying

for later on in the summer, we are off to have some fun for a few days. We're taking a break! Hope to see you back here in a week or so (though you might find me on instagram before then...)

All supplies for this page from July at Gossamer Blue.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Memorandum Monday

Monday! It's good to see you this week because that means I'm a day away from our public holiday here. Time to put our feet up and make plans. It was a good weekend.

Why do I always have my sleeves pushed up when I have my picture taken?

Any weekend with a visitor (or two) is one to be enjoyed; and yesterday we had the absolute pleasure of opening our big black front door to the delightful Alexa (from Trimming the Sails) and her charming husband. We had a lovely hour together and we all enjoyed their company as we chatted about travel plans and work and scrapbooking, of course, and, yes, socks might have been mentioned too. 

So I guess that means my "first" this weekend was meeting Alexa's other half. Thanks for making time in your flying visit, you two: we really appreciate it!

But I've mentioned socks, so I can shoehorn in something I'm going to join for the first time. This time last year I hadn't discovered Winwick Mum's blog and I didn't know I was missing the fun that was the 2015 Yarndale Sock Line. It's happening again this year and you can read all about this charity sock knit right here. I'll be knitting a pair and sending them off: the closing date is 12th September, so I'll be dropping my sweater and picking up my sock yarn again some day very soon.

So what's new with you? Do anything for the first time? Learn anything you didn't know before? Care to share? Go on: make a memo, then we'll all know!

HelenaEileen, Mary-Lou, Fiona, Maggie, Deb, KraftyKaren and Mitra shared a memo last week..please drop by and wish them a good start to Monday. Now next week I'll be taking a break and I won't be around. But that doesn't mean you aren't more than welcome to make a memo and give us a glimpse into what you've been up to. I'll catch up with just as soon as I can! Have a good week.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

July Projects at Gossamer Blue

...which are appearing a little bit later than usual, due to a flying stop in Canada by the box carrying my kits. As soon as it arrived, safely, right here in my hands, I did what I always do, which is carry it to the top room of the house (the one with the most expansive floor space) and then spread it all out from one wall to the other. 

That way I get a quick idea of what looks nice with what, which colours are jumping out at me and the rest.

It's a bit like mopping a floor, though: I have to be careful not to paper myself into a corner. Imagine standing on any of it! Even if it's while wearing a specially soft handknitted sock. On the plus side, if anyone is looking for me, I can shout "Sorry! Can't come out now! I'm marooned in paper and I have to cut my way out." 

The cutting this month has so far resulted in

Sian Fair: July projects for Gossamer Blue

a page called Inside Without a Cloud in the Sky about our dire summer weather

and this one

Sian Fair: July projects at Gossamer BLue

about filling an album with football stickers.

The alpha is by Fancy Pants Designs, the little birds are from Simple Stories, the chipboard pieces, Life Pages cards used as patterned paper and stamps are from the new, all exclusive Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit; and all of it can be found in the July selections at Gossamer Blue

More soon.
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