Monday, 20 March 2017

Memos, Mail, Me: Hippity, Hoppity's a grand kind of an early Spring morning here, after what has been a stressful couple of weeks. And although, of course, I want to thank - most heartily - everyone who left me a message here, or sent an email, or dropped me a card - thank you! - I'd be happier talking about something else. Anything else. What's your news? Anything new with you? Any nice mail or lessons learned or anything? My energy levels are low right now, so I'm going to have to hold my hand up and admit to no new photos here. I have this one, though:

A version of which appeared on my instagram a couple of weeks back, just before I took my little collection of rabbits to Knitting Club and handed them over to a friend running a fund raiser for Romania. They were a lot of fun to make: just a garter stitch square pulled together following these clever instructions from Jo Soandsew. I have also been knitting what looks like an enormous grey elephant, but is actually a man sized sweater; and I'm aiming for some scrapbooking this afternoon. But first a catch up, with thanks to everyone who has kept on Monday-ing. Have a good week!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Memos, Mail, Me

Dear Mondayers,

Maybe you've heard someone sometime say A Sunday well spent means a week of content? I hope you had a great one and you're feeling well set up for the week ahead. We helped Little E blow out his birthday candles and that's what I'll be thinking about through the next few days. As a result of that horrible mail I believe I might have mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I'll be spending some time in hospital this week. Your thoughts would be very much appreciated. 

While I'm away, please support these lovely bloggers who put themselves out there every Monday Ruth, Deb, Helena, Barb, Mitra, Honore, Karen, Maggie, Alexa, Mary-Lou, Ladkyis, Melissa, Alexandra. Go on, give 'em a wave! And I'll see you soon.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Not a Get Well Card Anywhere

Careful! Don't come too close! Unless you have already had Chicken Pox, in which case it's lovely to see you. I got an emergency call on Monday, from Studentland, from a girl who was covered in spots..

...there has been calamine lotion and bicarbonate of soda and many, many baths since then. So today I'm just jumping in quickly to post the cards I made for the Gossamer Blue blog this month. And not a Get Well card among them.

Lucky she's on the mend, then.

More soon!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Memos, Mail, Me: Sticking It All Together

Monday: let's leave unpacking the weekend bag for the moment (though I know my knitting is in there somewhere and I'll be ready for a few rows come lunchtime..). We skipped away, on the spur of the moment

(how did you persuade Dad to try life on the edge? The (Not So) Small One asked) on Friday night: we drove south, away from all the talk here about elections and hard borders and Brexit. It hasn't happened yet, so the border is still a soft one, and it's easy to slip from one side to the other, from green fields and grazing, on past the toll road, to the grey stone of the Big City, and we were in Dublin.

We'd been texting each other - the four of us - about politics before we left, by Saturday we were sending selfies (Mum! I've never seen you do that before! Not the two of you! Now I know the world has gone mad!) and snaps of lobster pots and the sea; and as we walked along one shoreline, our girl and her new beau (new squeeze? doesn't sound quite right, even if he does do an excellent hug) walked along a different beach closer to home; and the wonder of the world now is that we could stay in touch as we did it. 

Back to our hotel, via a knitting shop found with a phone, to message our lad about sports results. Even a rugby match now we can watch from different corners and talk it over as we do it. We had a wonderful break, just the two of  us, made all the sweeter by the scraps of conversation with two grown up children. I like this chapter, this not quite parenting.

We got back last night. I drove home thinking about what I'd write today, and about how my mail hadn't served me well, and when I walked through the door I spotted a packet. An order I'd forgotten. A couple of dozen rolls of double sided sticky tape. Just right

for a sticking together kind of a weekend.

How about you? Anything new? Any interesting mail? How about making a memo? We'd love to hear..

  Deb, Ruth, Jane, Barb, Mitra, Mary-Lou, Ladkyis, Fiona, Maggie, Krafty Karen, Melissa, Honore, Karen and Mardi shared last time round. Go on, give 'em a wave! And have a good week!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

March Projects at Gossamer Blue

There's a stiff breeze blowing round here today: just the kind I love to see at the beginning of March. It's brisk, it's an energy boost, it's just what I need, because I still have lots of paper I'd like to play with. The March kits from Gossamer Blue 

Sian F: March projects at Gossamer Blue

- all fresh greens and pops of yellow and shots of blue - are perfect for pages about getting outside, so I looked for out and about pictures and first of all I found this one, which I took last summer when we were stuck in a traffic jam. I have a thing for Highland cattle, so I couldn't resist.

For my other projects this month I tried something something new. I have a Traveller's Notebook! And it now has two pages. This one:

SianF: March projects at Gossamer Blue

Out and about, see?

And this one:

SianF: March projects at Gossamer Blue

in which I paired a photo of Molly Malone with a note of our favourite St. Patrick's Day feast. It'll soon be time to fry up a batch (and what this page really should note is that it has to be eaten fresh for best deliciousness). I don't often do themed embellishments, but how could I possibly resist? 

We're off on a road trip this weekend and I'm hoping to collect some more lucky green stories. See you soon?

Everything today made with Main, Life Pages and Planner kits from March at Gossamer Blue.
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